Articles, ideas, and objects we found useful in the discussion of homelessness, the politics of homelessness, and personal stories.

10/24/2012 At Skid Row karaoke, they are all songs of hope

07/09/2012 Los Angeles Skid Row cleanup nets nearly 5 tons of refuse

01/31/2012 ‘Homeless Count’ Leads New York DHS Volunteers To Unsheltered Populations In Need

01/19/2012 City designs plan to reduce single adults at homeless shelters

11/14/2011 A Sidewalk Scuffle in Skid Row

09/22/2011 A Community Garden Blooms on a Skid Row Rooftop

02/21/2010 Designed to Help Uplift the Poor

12/13/2009 Homeless veterans face a daily battle in the streets of L.A.

09/18/2009 Affordable Housing Complex Comes Full Circle

04/25/2009 New housing projects for homeless go beyond basic shelter

12/01/2008 Rooms to Maneuver in Handling Homeless Issue

12/28/2007 High Design for Low-Income Housing

07/25/2007 Housing Agency and Family Lift Man From Life in the Street

03/13/2007 Defying The Odds On a Project In Skid Row


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