This project is the result of a unique collaboration between the financial savvy of Milano, the thoughtful design approaches of Parsons, and the everyday realities of The Skid Row Housing Trust.

The New School for Public Engagement
Milano Finance Lab
Instructor: Kevin McQueen. Students: Ian Hardouin, Shellon Fraser, Dina Moussa, Jessica Vom Steeg.

Parsons The New School for Design
BFA Architectural Design & BFA Interior Design
Instructor: Alison Mears. Students: Zachary Taylor, Fayad Shahim, Thomas Kerrigan, Yarrow Whitman, Vicki Wong, Tam Nguyen, Sungmin Park, Gene Park, Michael Wood, Brianna Bullentini.

BFA Communication Design
Instructor: Julia Gorton. Students: Rachel Berstein, Julie Chea, Evon Coleman, James Czyz, Gabirelle Guglielmelli, Julio Hernandez, Samantha Hutchinson, Wesley Johnson, Yongmin Lee, Alexa Ouaknine, Konstantinos Riginos, Nancy Rivera, Jennifer Shin, Anjana Singhwi, Noelle Smith, Caleb Weiss, Boyun Yang.

The Skid Row Housing Trust
Executive Director Mike Alvidrez and Community Designer Theresa Hwang.


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