Yarrow Whitman – Produce Place

Produce Place

Designers: Yarrow Whitman
Location: Produce Place, Los Angles, California
Type: Adaptive Reuse
Number of Units: N/A
Major: Interior Design

Project Description:

This project is an adaptive reuse of an existing SRO in Skid Row. The idea behind this project was to create a more livable home for people who formerly lived on the streets. . The building needed to be more than a shelter it needed to be a home, assisting residents to rebuild their lives.A home is a place an individual can allow their personality to be on display. A home is a place for emotion connections, nostalgia or familiarity, a place of comfort defined by the user. This idea of home was taken into the existing site of Produce Place, consisting of Skid Row Housing Trust offices, SROs, Artist lofts and a parking lot. The design extracts the space to be renovated and reused in order to create a more livable space. Critical measures were taken in order to reuse the existing structure and outer shell of the Produce Hotel, hallways were widened and windows were opened, apartment thresholds were given special attention and public space on the ground floor was created to allow the user to interact with the green space created for public use.
The goal of the planning was to create openness and layers of transparency within the site, to allow light and air to circulate and to create a much-needed green space in Skid Row, while not reducing the number of apartment units on the site. This goal created a need for a new construction to house the extra units that would be lost in the renovation of the SRO units into efficiency units in the existing Produce Hotel.


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