Sungmin Park – Homeless Housing in St. Marks

Homeless Housing in St. Marks

Designer: Sungmin Park
Location: St. Marks / Crescent Hotel, Los Angles, California
Type: Adaptive Reuse
Number of Units: N/A
Major: Interior Design

Project Description:

My idea for St.Marks site is how the public areas of the apartment building are integrated with residents and neighbors. When neighbors or residents are passing by the St.Marks site, my goal is for the life of the building to be revealed on the street. I opened the first floor with large areas of glass to see inside the lobby. Along with the first floor, I designed a public garden in the middle of the site to integrate the space with residents and neighbors. I also wanted to have a separate public space and a semi public space, because public space could used to build the relationships between the residents and the neighbors, whereas the semi public space would be for the recently homeless residents to build their own community.My second idea for the project was to design functional furniture for each of the apartments. The unit is about 275 sq. feet, which is a very small apartment. I want to design highly efficient furniture. For example, built in furniture that complements the plan configuration. It would contain a big, removable drawer to open and close the spaces between the kitchen and the bedroom.


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