Michael Wood – A New Hart

A New Hart

Designer: Michael Wood
Location: Hart Hotel, Los Angles, California
Type: New Construction
Number of Units: N/A
Major: Interior Design

Project Description:

My design proposal for a new Hart connects residents to the community and urban environment of Skid Row, by concentrating on the affects of light and air, and by providing spaces which allow for personal development and reflection. By “slicing” the structure at key points, glimpses of downtown as well as the surrounding mountains become possible, in addition to directing light and air into a dramatic central courtyard. These “slices” also enable a glimpse of the interior courtyard from the exterior, further achieving a connection between the occupant and their surroundings.
The new Hart will hold 45 highly efficient units, which provide a private bath, kitchen, and separate bedroom space for each resident, all meeting ADA compliance. Shared spaces for residents include a communal kitchen off the main courtyard, computer lab, veranda, and rooftop garden. Special focus has been given to recognize the importance of faith to some residents, as a non-denominational chapel space is located on upper level. The new Hart will also provide further relief to the community, as a resource library and special “keepsake storage” will be available to non-residents.


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