Fayad Shahim – Circular Edifice

Circular Edifice

Designer: Fayad Shahim
Location: Hart Hotel, Los Angles, California
Type: New Construction
Number of Units: N/A
Major: Architectural Design

Project Description:

The project was developed after a careful consideration of the plot which was sandwiched between two adjacent buildings. Hence the circulation was forced to be exterior and the building was conceived in a courtyard plan. The floor plan layout was based on a simple “L” shape plan. With the longer side of the L being the wet zone. Combining both of these gave the room a layout which was mirrored to share the “wet spaces”. The wet spaces were shared to reduce construction costs and have plumbing run from one wall. The mirrored plans were then arranged on the floor plan in which all of the windows faced into the courtyard. The courtyard not only became the building’s community space but also one of the main sources of light. which acted as a catalyst to create more of a family feel within this housing complex. The exterior east and west walls are composed of over scaled screen walls pierced with large circles, addressing the large scale of the city.


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