Day 3 – Part 2 – Resident Ambassadors

Our final presentation with the Skid Row Housing Trust involved meeting with three of their residents; Theresa Winlker, Vic Rodriguez, and Paul Mitchel. They gave us valuable insight into their experiences of how they ended up on the streets and their journey in finally ending up in Skid Row. Life is tough on the streets, but working your way back into the ‘system’ is harder then one would think, especially so if that individual does not own a mailbox or any form of identity (which many of them don’t).

We were also fortunate to be able to visit the residence of Vic and Paul. They both inhabited older Apartment Hotels own by Skid Row Housing Trust. We were able to hear from both Vic and Paul about which implementations in the buildings that never ended up working and which things didn’t age gracefully.

The most valuable things we learned from this visit was what life was like for them when they moved from the street. Those who become homeless tend to develop hoarder tendencies. This may or may not carry through with their transition into housing, but as we all know, habits can be hard to break. Things such as communal kitchens become difficult if you expect people to share cooking items.


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