Day 2 – Part 2 – St. Marks / Crescent, Produce Hotel, and the Hart Hotel

The second half of the day was spent visiting the sites that the focus of the studio will be centered on.

We first visited the Produce Hotel, which has a recently renovated exterior is part of a larger complex that houses the offices of the Skid Row Housing Trust and loft apartments for low income artists.


We then visited the St. Marks and Crescent hotels. The hotels are two separate buildings that are connected on the lobby level. Conditions in both buildings were very similar, the hallways were long, dark, and smelly. The kitchens and bathrooms were communal but oddly placed or underutilized.


The last hotel we visted was the Hart hotel. This hotel was the smallest we’ve seen, with no more than forty units. This site in particular is slated for possible demolition to utilize more air space (the structure is only two floors).



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